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Hey beautiful people, 

It has been a longtime since I posted on here. Today I have travel content for you all - I will be spilling the tea on my solo trip to Cuba. 

As a woman in her twenties, my goal is to take as many risks as I possibly can. One of which was going on a solo vacation outside of Canada. Before going on this trip, I believed that this was my first solo international trip. As it turns out, this was actually my second international solo flight - my first ever flight was when I came from Nigeria to Canada alone at the tender age of 15 without any family or friends. 

This was an all-inclusive trip which was booked through Sunwing. I had to do a lot of research before I decided to go with this airline. I made sure to compare the ratings, packages, and costs amongst other factors. 

My trip was a 7 days all-inclusive package which comprised of the flight (from Toronto to Cuba - all round), the hotel which was for 7 days, food (breakfast, lunch and dinner for the week as well as snacks and an open bar), hotel shuttle (airport to resort/hotel), and a visa. 

Travel Requirements
As a permanent resident of Canada, I have the privilege of travelling to a few countries without requiring a visa. I will make a blogpost on list of countries permanent residents of Canada are allowed to visit without visa. 


My resort was the Gran Muthu Rainbow in Cuba. This resort is an adult only resort as well as LGBTQ+ friendly. It was newly built at the end of 2019 but had to shut down due to Covid-19 just after few months of opening. The resort is now open and running smoothly. 

Here are a few pictures of the resort:

I got the chance to do 2 excursions and 1 day trip to the beach (Playa Pilar). The first excursion was a city tour around Cuba. We visited a city called "Moron" and it was beautiful. We explored the local stores and a farm. At the farm, we explored how cigars and coffee are made. 
The second excursion is known as the "Jeep Safari Tour. We got to ride a jeep around the city as well as small towns. I did not get to drive because I only drive automatic, and the jeep was manual. 
The day trip to the beach was also a fun activity. This was the one time I left my resort, and I took a taxi to the beach. The beach offered I got lobster for lunch, and it was delicious!



I really enjoyed taking this trip. I had an amazing experience and I absolutely love Cuban culture. I have 3 vlogs on my YouTube channel showing my detailed fun experience in Cuba - you can catch up on those videos. If you have any questions about my solo trip to Cuba, you can leave me a comment or message me on Instagram :). 

Hope you enjoyed today's post!

With love,


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