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Hello Everyone! Long time no see....... It’s been quite a while since I posted on my blog and I’ve missed it so much! I’m so happy to be finally back and I can’t wait to continue blogging. Today, we are talking about Suits and how to style them. ⬇️

Let’s start with the details of my outfit. The two piece Suits/ Sets is from Pretty Little Thing. My white top is from Shein, my bag is from Zara,  Shoes are from AliExpress and lastly my hat was thrifted (you can also get some unique Thrifted pieces from my shop - @tainizcollection). 

1. Know how to match your outfit 

This suits or as pretty little thing named it on their website “two piece sets” is quite colourful. I added a basic white top underneath to go along with the cool mixture. If you have a black (or a one colour suits), it would be great to add a pop of colour to it. You could go with a yellow top underneath or a colourful bag. We want to avoid looking underdress or overdressed. The goal is to be best dressed. ⬇️

2. Match your shoe and bag

To add to the point above, we want to make sure that the shoe and bag goes well together. My bag, shoe and my top all matches and the colours from the suit made everything so perfect . ⬇️

3.Style with a belt

Adding a belt to your suit makes your outfit look more sophisticated. My suits actually came with a belt. However if you do not have a suit that comes with one, you could add a belt to it!⬇️

4.Always do less with the accessories 

When styling a suit, I usually let the suits/ outfit do the talking. Which is why I advise to always simplify your accessories. ⬇️

5.Go oversized 

One last point is to go oversized. You could borrow from your boyfriend's closet. Like the quote says “go big or go home”. 🔚

Suits/ Sets: Pretty Little Thing

 White top: Shein

 Bag: Zara 

Shoes: AliExpress 

Hat: Thrifted (my shop - @tainizcollection). 


  1. WOW! Welcome back Zintiat!!
    Thanks for the latest post on "suits styling". I sincerely appreciate it because I needed this.

    Please clarify something... when you said "Go Oversized", were you referring to the suit itself or nails or shoes?

    1. Thank you!!
      When I meant "Go Oversized", i was referring to the suit!