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It’s almost the end of summer! The green leaves are turning brown the weather is getting a bit chilly and the summer outfits are going to the storage. ....... PAUSE!
Hmmmn, I’m here to let you know that the Summer outfits does not have to go away just yet. Maybe some clothes can go to the storage but definitely not all. I will give you some tips to transition your summer outfits/ wardrobe into the Fall. 

Add Boots to Everything: I’m talking about your ankle boots and knee-high boots. Think about boots with your shorts and a t-shirt! Think about boots with a skirt and cardigan! Think about boots with skinny jeans and a cute t-shirt. 

Layer Up: layering up your clothes is not only for winter, but you can also layer up during fall too! Your summer dress can be useful in so many ways. You can rock a turtleneck top with your summer dress.

Bring Out Your Jackets: As we transition into a new season, this is the time to bring out your coats and jackets from the past year. Your leather jackets, your coat, your teddy bear jackets, all of em’

Play with colours: it’s not only during summertime you have to play with colours. Add different colours to your Fall outfit and you would look so chic. Colours like green, neon yellow, burnt orange, burgundy, and so on.

Accessorize: it’s about that time you get your scarf (scarves) hats, berets, even gloves!!

Let’s take a look at today’s outfits. We have this cute Pink look, this is giving me both summer and fall vibes. Hahaha!! As you can see, I switched my heels (summer wardrobe) into a pink cozy-looking ankle boot (fall wardrobe). Also, I wore a turtleneck top (fall wardrobe), when in summer I could wear a crop top or a t-shirt. I kept my mini skirt (summer wardrobe) but I also added my black beret ( fall wardrobe) which I got from H&M.

Beret: H&M
Top: Thrifted
Skirt: Thrifted
Ankle Boots: Thrifted

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