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Hey Beautiful People! How are you feeling today? I have been doing good, taking breaks as needed and also I started a business!! yes! yay!!! ehhehh,, hahaha!!<< To be honest, I do not know how to behave. I'm super pumped and also excited about this new project. My page is @tainizcollection on Instagram and Depop. I sell vintage, pre-loved/used and sometimes used items (mostly clothing, bags and shoes).
Thrifting and buying second-hand clothing has always been part of me. This brings me to the topic today which is How to find your personal style and the confidence to wear it. 


Finding your personal style or aesthetic can be hard sometimes. There are so many styles in this 21st century. This social media age, it's very common to find so many people dress in so many ways. Some styles are 90's vibe, some are edgy, some are streetwear, some are modest, others are chic and so on. The real question here is How Do I Know My Personal Style?.

1. COMMON OUTFITS:  Ask yourself this question, what outfit do I  like to wear every time? Go to your wardrobe and pick out 10 items you like to wear. Is it sweatpants, is it all black, is it pyjamas all day (lol),?. This will help you to figure out the common outfits you wear and also a good start to find your personal style.

2. SOCIAL MEDIA: Social media such as Instagram, Pinterest, and even Tumblr can help with finding inspiration. I mostly use Instagram save button and Pinterest board. After that, start dressing like the style that inspires you. For example, I saw a picture of a lady rocking an oversized blazer and I decided to purchase an oversized blazer and I took pictures in it. I looked amazing!!!! Most of the times, the outfit inspiration does not look good on you but it does not hurt to try.

3. LIFESTYLE: Lifestyle can definitely inspire your personal style. For example, being a Muslim can inspire you to cover your hair or dress modestly. On the other hand, if you have a professional 9-5 job, you would want to have more casual outfits in your closet.

4. YOUR OUTFIT, YOUR MOOD: I know how it feels when you go through your whole wardrobe and you still can't find anything to wear. Ngl. It's not every day you look cute, sometimes your mood can be wearing pyjamas all day. Hahaha.

+ CONFIDENCE: Finding your confidence is a big part of finding your personal style. How do you feel wearing that outfit?! Do you feel more confident? Do you worry about other people's opinion?! After wearing your outfit make sure you feel confident, if so more confident. Try not to worry about what other people say or think.

                 I'm going to end this post with a quote from me @tainizcollection - GO OUT AND LET YOUR OUTFIT DO THE TALKING 

                                  Top: Dynamite
                                          Pants: Zara (Similar)  
                                 Bag: Matt&Nat
                                      Shoes: Urban Planet

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