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Hey Beautiful People! It feels good to be back on my blog after my unannounced long break. I would say that I have been pretty much active on Instagram and I post videos on Youtube sometimes but I just disappeared from my blog. I can't wait to continue this journey and be the best I can!

Today I have for you, one of the best things I love to do in my free time. THRIFT! THRIFT SHOPPING! OR I'D SAY SHOPPING IN GENERAL  :). I love thrifting and it makes me excited to see that I can get good and quality items of clothing for less. I mean who does not like that.

I got this Matching sets from a local thrift store. I usually go to Value Village most of the time or Salvation Army, Talize and so on.  These are my Thrift tips and trick.

  • Scan through everything so that you can find hidden treasure lol
  • Shop weekdays from 9am till 4pm (everyone is at work or at school, so it's less busy)
  • Know when your local thrift store restock so that you can get the good stuff first :)
  • Use coupons/ Go thrifting when there is a huge sale (Price is way lesser)

 Finally, I matched this Matching sets with a top from Garage and Shoes from Public Desire with the glasses from MzKayCollection .



Matching Sets: Thrift Store // Top: Garage // Shoes: Public Desire // Glasses: MzKayCollection


  1. You look amazing! Happy you’re back to this wishing you the best. Keep slaying.

  2. You look amazing, happy you are back and keep slaying love.