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Hey Beautiful people! I had difficulty putting together this outfit together but it wasn't until I took this picture that I realized that my top and sneakers are actually best friends:). This Multicolour look is everything, it's not everyday black outfit, white outfit, or even monochromatic look. You can feel free to add pop(s) of color to make you look sophisticated. 

I got this top from Zara which unfortunately sold out, and the Wide Leg Pants from PrettyLittlething which again sold out. I added links below to similar knitwear top and the pants, so i hope that helps. Mini Sunglass from MzKayCollection. The shoes are from Urban Planet. If you read my last post, you pretty much know why I started shopping at Urban Planet lol. 

                                                                                 Mini Sunglasses: MzKayCollection

                                                                                 Top: Zara - Sold Out (Alternative)

                                                           Wide Leg Pants: PrettyLittleThing - Sold Out (Alternative)

                                                                               Black Envelope Belt Bag: Pretty Little Thing

                                                                                      Sneakers: Urban Planet 

Hey Beautiful people! You know yellow is one of my favorite colors. Yellow makes my skin look amazinnng. (I  had to emphasize that. lol). I've been gone for a while now and words cannot express how sorry I am. I've been so busy with things (such as; sitting on my bed and scrolling through Instagram to see how amazing other people's lives are and how I continue to procrastinate and feel insecure). Btw..... I will be touching on HOW TO BUILD SELF-CONFIDENCE AND SELF ESTEEM. 

Before I get into that topic, Let me walk you through today's outfit. I'm wearing this yellow top that I got on sale at Urban Planet. I've been so obsessed with Urban Planet after I saw this beautiful Black female cashier wearing nice red pants from there. I walked up to her to ask her where she got the pants from and she replied "Urban Planet", with a smile on her face. We became friends instantly but sadly I forgot to get her Instagram username, it's okay though. 

After getting the top, I went to H&M to get a matching beret which I found without any issue. For the skirt, your girl went to Value Village thrift store (as usual) and I got this cute size 0 skirt. Funny enough, I am size 10 but I had to destroy the skirt and DIY (Do It Yourself). The thigh high boot is from Ego, It's been 2 years since I got this and it's worth it. I Tell Ya!!!

To continue with the topic (SELF-CONFIDENCE), the first question that pops to my brain is - What is Self Confidence? Self-confidence means "your personal power". Yes, you read that right!. Everything comes from you, your judgment, your capability, your achievement, your success, your ability, your belief, your opinion, your decision, your happiness, your worth, your EVERYTHING!. Below are lists of how to build "your personal power"

➰ DO NOT CARE ABOUT WHAT OTHER PEOPLE SAY/ THINK: people will always talk and this will never end. It is then up to you to choose to care or not. Special announcement, It's not their life, It's your life!! 

➰ KNOW YOUR SELF, KNOW YOUR WORTH: You need to know that you are worth it. You are THAT BITCH!, You are THAT GUY!, If anyone does not acknowledge you, It's okay, It's dammmmnn okay. You do not need anyone to tell you that you are beautiful, You do not need anyone to tell you that the outfit looks good on you. You can always go to the mirror and do so. Self-love is the key. 

➰ ITS OKAY TO MAKE MISTAKES: in order to grow, you need to learn from your past mistakes. You need those failures to know how you can make things better when you try again. I can't remember where I got this quote but it says "if you are going through hell keep moving, because the real question is Why stop in hell?

➰ ATTRACT POSITIVITY, KILL NEGATIVITY: this explains itself. You attract whatever you receive. If you attract positivity, you receive positivity (positive life, good things and scrolling through Instagram to see how creative people are and how you can do the same). On the other hand, If you attract negativity, you receive negativity (negative comments, scrolling through youtube to see how other people are "living their best life" and how you lay on your bed procrastinating on when you will start your own youtube channel). 



                                                                                     Top:  Urban Planet
                                                                                     Beret: H&M

                                                                                     Skirt: Value Village Thrift Store

                                                                                     Glasses: MzKay Collection

                                                                                     Earrings: Forever 21

                                                                                    Thigh High Boots: Ego Shoes

HEY Beautiful people! Today I have for you this cute top I got from Black Market Vintage store in Downtown Toronto. I went to the store 2 months ago to grab a couple of Mom Jeans when this top caught my eyes. The store had "everything $10" and this is the best deal ever! I tell you. I paired this top with this pants that I got from Value Village Thrift Store. I also got this box bag from the thrift store!!.

Pants: ValueVillage

Box Bag: Vintage Thrift Store

Shoes: Ego Shoes

Glasses: MzKayCollection


Hey Beautiful People! It feels good to be back on my blog after my unannounced long break. I would say that I have been pretty much active on Instagram and I post videos on Youtube sometimes but I just disappeared from my blog. I can't wait to continue this journey and be the best I can!

Today I have for you, one of the best things I love to do in my free time. THRIFT! THRIFT SHOPPING! OR I'D SAY SHOPPING IN GENERAL  :). I love thrifting and it makes me excited to see that I can get good and quality items of clothing for less. I mean who does not like that.

I got this Matching sets from a local thrift store. I usually go to Value Village most of the time or Salvation Army, Talize and so on.  These are my Thrift tips and trick.

  • Scan through everything so that you can find hidden treasure lol
  • Shop weekdays from 9am till 4pm (everyone is at work or at school, so it's less busy)
  • Know when your local thrift store restock so that you can get the good stuff first :)
  • Use coupons/ Go thrifting when there is a huge sale (Price is way lesser)

 Finally, I matched this Matching sets with a top from Garage and Shoes from Public Desire with the glasses from MzKayCollection .



Matching Sets: Thrift Store // Top: Garage // Shoes: Public Desire // Glasses: MzKayCollection